How we do it..

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In Simple terms, this is how the process works....

The Customer selects a wine from our extensive inventory.

The Customer may choose to design their wine. Unoaking a chardonnay, adding fruit flavours to a wine, or following the traditional recipe. Its your choice!

From there, we start the process with the Customer initiating the fermentation of the juice to create a beautiful wine.

In as little as four- eight weeks, the Customer will return to bottle their wine with shrink wraps and labels of their choice. Custom labels may be ordered as well to make a statement, celebrate an event or simply for effect.

Let Urban Sunset Wine Company do the hard part! We'll let you take the credit!

No mess, no worries, a perfect product each time and all at a fraction of the cost of retail wines.

Let our experience guide you to create the wines you love.​

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