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Here are some testimonials from customers who have enjoyed our wines;​

Fred from Hamilton;

"My wife and I have travelled to many countries and have sampled and purchased wines from all over. Every time we come home, we can recreate these wines in a comfortable space with friendly people for less than we would if we purchased at a retail location. Why would we go anywhere else?" 

Dave from Haliburton;

"I wouldn't go anywhere else. The consistent product and service is why I drive 4 hours every other month..."

Bill from Ancaster;

"Since I have retired and am on a fixed income, finding ways to save money is essential. I love wine and don't want to pay retail prices. I save 75% making my wine here and I love that."

Jack from Stoney Creek;

"What a sexy location. Stoney Creek really needed this!"

Michelle from Dunnville;

"We made the wine for our wedding and saved over $1500.00!"

Ken from Hamilton;

"There are many places to make your own wine in Hamilton but this is the only place I will go."

Becky from Stoney Creek;

"I like to have custom labels made for the wines I make. I can say anything I want on them! I serve them at dinner parties, take them to friends and family and  give them as gifts. While I  give the wine as a gift, I also get to receive. Its quite a hit! Everyone loves to receive great wine."

Chaz from Hamilton;

"Great wine, clean location- cleanest I've seen in the Golden Horseshoe."

Helen from Dundas;

" I have a sensitivity to sulphites and find most retail wines give me a headache. I have learned that the longer the shelf life, the higher the level of preservatives a wine contains. Making my own wine gives me the ability to omit a large amount of sulphites and now I can enjoy even red wine without suffering from headaches!"

Chester from Grimsby;

"I made wine at home for years. The end result was never the same as when I make it here. The reverse osmosis water, equipment, even the lighting produces a better wine than I ever have....I sure don't miss the mess and the end result even looks like I bought it from a retail store."